CACHET WORKS USA LLC enjoy top discounts with some of the top logistics services across the board (Small Packages, Air and Ocean Freight and TL/LTL). We work closely with them to enjoy great tiered rates. We can cater to any and all Logistics needs, and take pride in fine tuning and tailoring a custom logistics solution that suits you! We have the ability to meticulously manage your entire supply chain. While you focus on what product lines and procurement plan suits you best, we consolidate, manage, prepare and drop ship your inventory seamlessly.

Products and Services Overview

Welcome to the Cachet Works Global Supply Chain Solutions Guide, an expansive manifest of all the flagship services Cachet Works SCS have to offer.

One Stop

With an entrenched global presence, Cachet Works is your one stop supply chain solution provider promising efficient, competitive and aggressive schematics to ensure seamless logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, due diligence, export/import consultancy and a range of services with vigor never seen before. Whether you’re looking for a brand extension overseas or just need warehousing and distribution solutions, Cachet Works can devise a tailor made solution for you. Cachet Works flagship culture goes above and beyond standard processes
pledging proactive protocol that anticipates bottlenecks, superfluous processes and human error that malign standard logistics and often rupture deadlines or price thresholds. Our aggressive mandate constantly scrutinizes each component in your supply chain process making absolutely certain efficiency and deadlines are maintained at all costs. Simply put, we can’t afford any element that DOES NOT expedite or streamline your supply chain in an ever incremental fashion.

  1. A) Evaluate your supply chain requirements
  2. B) Scrutinize and put through several stress tests with the help of industry experts
  3. C) Simulate actual model and design a beta version
  4. D) Initiate after defining worst case scenarios and making sure model compliments clients’ vision
  5. E) Act as your US company and initiate comprehensive operations
  6. F) Constantly improve supply chain and business process particulars
  7. G) Ensure smooth operations and a cutting edge supply chain


US Due Diligence Packages

Cachet Works have access to several Federal Databases giving you insight like never before at a fraction of the cost normally offered by standard due diligence providers. Knowing your customers, vendors, business partners and service providers makes all the difference, in today’s zero tolerance society, having the ability to make informed decisions after thoroughly gauging each entities’ stability and credibility is the only way to predict conundrums or evade catastrophe. We make that level of transparency possible by delivering a comprehensive historical account of every single entity you wish to do/ have done business with. Know ALL about WHO you intend to do business with, settle for NOTHING LESS!

  1. A) Financial Due Diligence
  2. B) Operational Due Diligence
  3. C) Vendor Due Diligence
  4. D) Corporate Due Diligence
  5. E) Federal and State Good standing
  6. F) Manufacturer Due Diligence
  7. G) Back ground checks
  8. H) Lien, Chapter 11 and 7 checks
  9. I) Criminal reports and court filings
  10. J) Customized Due diligence based on the involved industry Warehouse Fulfillment and Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

Warehouse Fulfillment and Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

Cachet Works boast superior ties with top warehouse management companies, this empowers us t o devise and implement a fully auto mated and synchronized supply chain solution. For e.g. One of Asia’s biggest and most prestigious brand employs this flagship service very efficiently. They need several logistic solutions like Truck Load, Less Than Truck Load, Air Freight, Ocean Freight an d Small packages, under normal circumstances they would need to establish separate accounts with each logistics division and then reflect discounts based on volume realized in that particular division as opposed to a core discount mechanism for all available divisions. Cachet Works saved them 40% due to our partnership with top tier logistics providers and the discounts we have implemented (up to 95%), once you deal with us you only have 1 point of contact. To maximize efficiency and avail of the most aggressive rates we encourage you to partner with us and allow us to manage your supply chain through our warehouse, Cachet Works offers some of the most potent and competitive fulfillment services available.
Door to Door export/ Import

Due to strategic ties with air, ground and sea heavy weights, Cach et Works have the ability to deliver door to door solutions for your Truck load, Less than truck load, Air freight, Container Load and Less than container load shipments, while respecting and complimenting your urge nt time line and budget barriers. Irrespective of their size and/or urgency, we can pickup, consolidate, de palletize, palletize and deliver your shi pment to your warehouse fully insured. Working with us allows you to focus on other aspects of your campaign since each component of your supply chain is comprehensively addressed and fine-tuned to deliver optimal performance.

  1. A)     Pickup/ Deliver
  2. B)     D e-Palletize
  3. C)     Consolidate
  4. D)     Palletize
  5. E)     Dispatch Internationally
  6. F)     Clear Destination country customs
  7. G)     Deliver to Warehouse/ Provide Ware housing Solutions


US Export/ Import regulations – Highly compliant

Cachet Works practice highly compliant processes and have a team dedicated to ensure and enforce compliance in the country of origin and the country of destination. Due to global tensions growing, fracturing central and federal directives eventually threaten to shut you down permanently with fine penalties or even imprisonment and pleading ignorance is not an option at that point. To assure smooth sailing without the fret of termination we check and recheck each government directive and export guideline before your shipment is loaded onto a flight or ship. If your shipment were to fail compliance checks we would closely work with you towards a solution and speedily resume international


  1. A) Receive information about merchandize from client
  2. B) Run checks with TSA and other Federal agencies and work on licensing and compliance where applicable
  3. C) Comprehensively manage any and all hazardous material
  4. D) Consult and provide ISPM 15 Export certified packing and security supplies
  5. E) Guarantee all documentation is in order before initiating export or supply chain processes


Ocean Significance and reach

Cachet Works offer a full array of global ocean freight and transportation services. We can handle almost any size shipment, from less-than-container loads to full container loads, special equipment, and oversized cargo. Our advanced tracking provides visibility of critical milestones throughout the journey. It’s never too small or too big for Cachet Works. We also provide a vast variety of export certified packaging, sealing and security measures to make absolutely sure that your shipment is safe and delivered to your warehouse in pristine condition.

  1. F) Consolidation
  2. G) Container Load Shipments
  3. H) Less than Container Load shipments
  4. I) Special Equipment
  5. J) Oversized Cargo
  6. K) Secure Cargo
  7. L) Tier 1 Rates due to being industry leaders
  8. M) Comprehensive Door to Door solutions


Air/ Ocean Freight Significance

Cachet Works long term relationship and strategic partnership with top Air/Ocean Freight brands allows us extensive leverage and we take full advantage of that edge allowing YOU, our customer, to benefit all the way. Whether its state of the art technology, exceedingly aggressive rates, path transparency or customized supply chain solutions that solve complex problems or simple designs that optimize your flow, we make sure you profit from advantages only the world’s most trusted brand can deliver.

  1. A) 5th Largest Freight forwarding company in the world
  2. B) Tier 1 price access due to immense bulk
  3. C) Industry leading customized solutions to compliment your business model
  4. D) Security processes that are cutting edge to ensure door to door safety for your cargo
  5. E) Global reach and warehousing solutions
  6. F) Freight transparency that is second to none


At Cachet Works we comprehend the significance of economical and viable supply chain options and hence we constantly compare our prices with over 120 global freight forwarders to make absolutely sure our rates are in synch with your definition of “aggressive” without compromising reliability. We understand how logistics costs simply mean the difference between feasibility and termination and we guarantee highly competitive options whether you chose to go economy or priority.

  1. A) Constantly compare our prices with several leading freight forwarders on several tiers
  2. B) We make sure we keep your eventual goal and budget in mind and work hard on providing a solution that gels in with your macro


  1. C) Offer consolidated options to further avail of discounts by clubbing your shipments with other shipments
  2. D) Current case studies boast 68% better rates than competing brands such as FedEx


Global Brokerage Solutions

Several countries have vastly complex, lengthy and tedious documentation mandates that can leave an importer or manufacturer lurking in search of guidance and answers. Due to close ties with top import/export lawyers, Cachet Works have the most comprehensive capability to consult on documentation requirements and other local Govt. directives. Not only does Cachet Works present a checklist of required documentation, it also goes above and beyond standard practices to acquire all required documentation avoiding potential pitfalls that may lead to penalties, imprisonment or loss of import/export privileges. For e.g. Mis-declaring a product under the wrong chapter can land company principals in prison right away. Once you’re with us, we take FULL Responsibility, PERIOD!

  1. A) Study, analyze and prepare a checklist of all documentation needed by the local Govt. before your shipment leaves the country of


  1. B) Direct liaisons with government agencies allow us to ensure all compliance standards/ requirements are addressed without any


  1. C) Partnership with several brokerages ensures industry specific consultancy and preparation
  2. D) Liaisons with the world’s top lawyers means several layers of protection for each scenario
  3. E) Expedite your supply chain without infracting any laws!


Cachet Works Culture

Cachet Works has always emphasized and stressed on the significance of completing a venture or venture task within a given time frame, we believe that a task cannot be deemed complete or successfully complete unless it has been accomplished within the pre-specified time frame. Cachet Works go to great lengths to achieve the true meaning of success and aggressively anticipate and deal with factors that may cause delays or exceptions. A special team tracks the progress of each shipment every 5-6 hours manually and directly with Airlines, this means we analyze and inspect each shipment at every juncture to make sure all schedules are honored. In the event of an anticipated delay, Cachet Works have expert contingencies to compensate for exceptions, this practice allows us to sustain a very high success percentage while matching deadlines.

  1. A) Deadlines are specifically defined for each micro task or shipment action
  2. B) Special team tracks shipments manually and at every juncture to ensure proactive practices are maintained at all times
  3. C) Delays and exceptions are anticipated and contingencies automatically kick in to compensate in the event of an anomaly
  4. D) Were constantly working not to just meet your deadlines, but to try and accelerate your supply chain and exceed your expectations


Airline connections

Cachet Works have direct access to most reputed Airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta etc. This allows us to anticipate exceptions with great accuracy and deal with them resolutely. The employment of Smart technology predicts unfavorable situations and suggests which airport to deal with. In most cases Cachet Works is well aware of an exception before it has fully formed and due to the capability of working directly with Airline management we can eradicate any significant delay or bottleneck in your supply chain.

  1. A) We deal directly with all reputed airlines, connecting several times a day, keeping exceptions to a minimum.
  2. B) We employ state of the art smart technology that reports any delays, anticipated exceptions or anomalies in real time.
  3. C) Liaisons with Airline management allow us can eradicate any significant delay or bottleneck in your supply chain.


Facility – Warehousing solutions – Small to big

Cachet Works offer strategic warehousing solutions in several regions panning across the globe. Whether you need to palletize, de-palletize or consolidate your shipment with other outgoing shipments, Cachet Works can offer a decisive and winning solution. Our global facilities are managed by top professionals and our processing and distribution centers have received several accolades for consolidation, efficiency and freight management. In the US, we offer state of the art solutions with warehouses panning over 60000 sq. feet, expandable to 150000 sq. feet. No job is too big or small for Cachet Works and we can get you on board the true definition of “streamlined supply chains” TODAY.


US Presence and Reach

Our presence and reach throughout the United States is extremely entrenched, we act AS YOUR Company in the US with dedicated representatives, operations personnel and other key corporate positions as needed. We have access to top legal counsel for import and export in every state in the US. Every single state and federal law is honored when you chose to partner with Cachet Works. Our Trade Management services allow you to diligently operate as a professional entity without having to ever worry about red tape or legalities. Direct Access to Government agencies like the TSA guarantees a safe haven and insures against any impediments that may hinder or terminate your supply chain. Several top brands approached us during a state of Crisis due to inadvertent but certain ruptures of state or federal laws, due to expert counsel, Cachet Works helped them survive and more importantly implemented several procedures to ensure such ruptures or even more dangerous ones were never reiterated/never occurred. Don’t gamble with the future of your brand, join us today!

  1. A) We use decades of experience in export management and joint ventures between the US and other nations to give your brand the

leverage it needs.

  1. B) We act as your company in the US and manage every aspect of corporate governance, state and federal legalities and most

importantly we use industry leading expertise to manage your supply chain for ALL export and import operations.

  1. C) We offer comprehensive trade management services and act as a robust and sustaining link between you and all your global


  1. D) Direct liaisons with government agencies such as the TSA ensure a highly compliant business atmosphere.
  2. E) We keep you protected, on the ground, in the air and over the ocean, technically and legally.Message Summary


Express Critical Delivery options (Same Day Globally)

Very competitive Express Critical Options available, we deliver your shipment within 24-72 hours of pickup. There are times when your shipment is deemed “CRITICAL”, perhaps it’s a sample shipment or just an urgent shipment comprising of replacement units which you need to implement ASAP to avoid further downtime. Cachet Works can match all your Critical needs by providing door to door solutions within 2-3 days across the globe at a reasonable cost. Due to our heavily discounted accounts with top Small package companies that scan several thousand outgoing/inbound flights, we provide the most economical 24-48 hour international door to door options. We give you the WORKS but never compromise on the Cachet!




Customized Solutions

Cachet Works excel at providing customized Supply Chain and trade management services to any entity irrespective of its size. Our Forte lies in analyzing your company, understanding its needs and subsequently providing a top notch state of the art customized solution while always closely respecting your budget. Allow us to help you structure the most potent, robust and sustaining supply chain option ever. We’ll present you with several innovative, diligent and improvised solutions that not only save money but also guarantee a substantial boost to efficiency. We help you constitute your expansion or just rejuvenate your core operation.


US/Canada and Mexico LTL Shipments through the world’s most trusted brand

Trust our Partnership with top LTL/TL brands for all your LTL Freight needs, and receive reliable service backed by a day-definite, on-time guarantee at no additional charge. Guaranteed service means reliability for all your regional, interregional and long-haul needs, all with one convenient pickup. Cachet Work’s flagship partnership with these brands allows us to intensely study your supply chain and offer a mind boggling solution at greatly competitive rates. Just like with our truck load services, We invite you to provide a copy of your current freight bill and vouch to do all we can to beat those prices and work out a more reliable solution than the one you currently enjoy. What we’re offering is:

1) Rock bottom rates 2) The worlds most trusted and reliable service with money back guarantees, what have you got to lose?

Through our alliance we can offer:

. Reliable service backed by an on-time guarantee at no additional charge*

. Regional, interregional & long-haul service, all with one pickup

. More than 20,000 one- and two-day lanes

. Cross-continent three- and four-day service


Truckload Services (US/CANADA/MEXICO

Whether you’re under contract or you need an occasional truckload move, we’ve got you covered.

. Dedicated Capacity – Secure your distribution needs year-round with reliable committed truckload capacity.

. Truckload – Standard truckload service provides direct dock-to-dock delivery with exclusive use of a 53’ trailer, nose to

tail, secure with only your products. We use our network of thousands of partner carriers and our own fleet of dry vans to

ensure you have the capacity and equipment you need, when you need it.

. Intermodal – Cost-effective options for long-haul moves with a reduced carbon footprint. Expedited Intermodal, with transit time equal to Truckload service, rides the same trains our  package delivery network uses for reliable service and with priority loading and unloading.

. Standard Intermodal doublestack service for the most cost-efficient solution when transit times are less critical.

. Temperature Controlled – Whether it’s heat sensitive commodities or perishables threatened by freezing weather, we
can protect your products.

. Ocean Transload – Working with our  Supply Chain Services port facilities, we can transload your ocean import

containers to our truckload, intermodal, and LTL services for final inland delivery, giving you door-to-door control of your international supply chain. We invite you to provide a copy of your current freight bill and vouch to do all we can to beat those prices and work out a more reliable solution than the one you currently enjoy. What we’re offering is: 1) Rock bottom rates 2) The worlds most trusted and reliable service with money back guarantees, what have you got to lose?


Bottom Line:

If its supply chain or freight forwarding, we can do you one better and then some.